About Us

We opened our doors in 1992 in a small Church Hall in the village of Shepley.  Since then we have grown into purpose made Studios at Barncliffe Mills in Shelley.

Our ethos is to create a fun and friendly learning environment which nurtures talent and creativity.  We have a full range of theatre performance classes including Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Comtemporary, Street Dance and Musical Theatre. We also host Enrichment Workshops and encourage learning with a strong sense of teamwork and self value.

For the more serious student we offer examination work through the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) Syllabus – working towards and gaining qualifications through a recognised grade structure.

And for those students wanting to take the next step – we offer advanced training tailored for those who maybe considering Performing Arts as a profession.

All our Staff are highly qualified with a wealth of experience and professional qualifications.

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Our History

The Georgie school of Dance opened it’s doors on the 12th May 1992. The school was started by Donna George, who had recently moved to the area from Hanging Heaton near Batley to set up home in Shepley with her fiancée Ken and their 14 month old son, Elliot. Donna had danced since the age of 3 and she was very excited about the prospect of opening her own school. She was also thrilled that she had Adele Swales a talented young teacher and good friend, joining her as her assistant.

After considering lots of options for the name for the school she decided on ‘The Georgie School of Dance’. She wanted “Georgie” spelt with an ‘ie.‘. She was very specific about that – she knew exactly what she wanted.

Donna was always outside the box and forward thinking with her approach. A common mantra of hers was; “ I want this school to be much more than just a dancing school.” She wanted it to be a place where performance and talent was encouraged and nurtured side by side with life skills which could then be used long after the pupils had stopped dancing. She was passionate about running her school as one big family where everyone was supportive and proud of each others successes.

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Further Information

Once a year our students are encouraged to take part in our Showcase – a very exciting event at the Lawrence Batley Theatre where all students come together and perform a variety of pieces they have been working on.  It’s a fun and very valuable experience where everyone involved gets to perform to an audience and a chance for the little ones to be in full Costume and Make-up!

We have a number of students who take part in competitions across the county and country.  We have won many awards over the years and many of our success stories are displayed in our studios.  (See Success stories section)

Our Styles

Acrobatic Arts

We are excited to be offering Acrobatics Arts which is a unique approach to teaching dance, giving students added strength and flexibility which will in turn enhance their performance. We are registered on the Acrobatics Arts program and can offer certified teaching in this subject.

Musical Theatre

This all encompasing class combines dance, drama and song. It is a fusion of modern music and dance styles. The syllabus encompasses the basics of all Musical Theatre Aspects and also has a graded examination system rewewarding students for their efforts and progression.

Street Dance / Hiphop

If you are wanting to learn all the latest moves in a friendly and supportive atmosphere look no further - the Georgie School prides itself on our excellent Street / Hip Hop Department. Born on the streets of America - Street dance is funky, energetic and up to the minute. This style is for all students beginner to advanced.

Modern Jazz & Contemporary

Students will develop creativity in this subject – it is focused on travelling movements, floor work, jumping and creative shapes and there is plenty of room for individual ideas and partner and group work. As a more mature student the Modern genre covers everything from Chicago to Ghost Dances.

Tap Dance

Sticking to the American roots of tap dance, our classes are influenced heavily by Jazz. Aside from the traditional styles, we also incorporate Lyrical, Urban and Street Style into our classed. If it has a rhythm, we can tap to it!


Ballet focuses on strength, body conditioning, flexibility and dance discipline. The style is the foundation to enhance all other types of dance. Here at Georgie, students will have the opportunity to develop from a young beginners to advanced performers.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us using the following methods;

Landline Telephone: 01484 606994
E-Mail: contact@georgieschooloftheatrearts.com